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For Chicago's 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend, in partnership with The Hoxton's Work From_Fulton Market, UIC Visiting Lecturer in Marketing André Smith joined interdisciplinary artist and Fulbright scholar Brenna Quinn; Educator, Brand & Business Consultant Winston Peters; and Jerald Cooper, manager to Young Guru (Jay-Z/ Roc Nation) and Co-Founder of Era of The Engineer for "Focal Points: Arts, Culture & Sports x / + / ÷ Content, Consumerism & Commerce... and other decisions/discussions."

As we begin a new decade, the tendency for trends and technologies that were once unrelated are becoming more closely integrated—even unified—in how marketers deploy them across the arts, culture, politics and sports. The panel discussed and distilled what has defined and what is redefining these relationship(s) with respect to our current economic and socio-political climate.

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Continuing his open practice exploring art intervention for civics awareness and social innovation, independent curator—and now visiting lecturer in marketing at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)—André Smith joined artist, animator and brand influencer Bianca “Pastel” Griffin in conversation on where the arts, consumer behavior and marketing intersect.

Exclusive to UIC students, the pair discussed insights on some of the campaigns Bianca has worked on and their regional/ global impact; how work on and outside these campaigns continue to inform her world view on Practice & Identity and Voice & Representation; as well as her experience working as an Artist Assistant with Chicago’s very own Hebru Brantley.

Continuing his open practice exploring art intervention for civics awareness and social innovation, independent curator André Smith tapped Brooklyn-based new media artist Lizzie Gill for Twitter’s latest #WallForACause, a 53" x 10" site at Twitter HQ (NYC) for rotating art exhibitions—organized by Ariel Adkins—dedicated to social causes brought to life by local artists.

Using Twitter data visualization maps surrounding #LoveIsLove as inspiration, Lizzie invited Twitter NYC employees to submit examples of love in their own lives, in the form of photos, mementoes, and meaningful objects. To solidify the message that love takes many forms, beyond and including traditional definitions of love, Gill created an artistic web, built from photographs, stories, collective data, fabrics and memories in order to represent that all forms of love are valid, and equality exists when we see them as such.

Continuing his open practice exploring art intervention for civics awareness and social innovation, independent curator André Smith joined photographer and author Katherine “Luna Park” Lorimer, Caroline Caldwell (Swoon | Helitrope Foundation) and RJ Rushmore (Creative Time) to celebrate Art in Ad Places.

As assistant curator on this exhibition, working with activist Jordan Seiler, André facilitated logistical support, marketing and education programming for this celebration.

Over 52 weeks the team worked across New York City, without permission, to install ad takeovers by 50+ artists at pay phones from the bottom of Brooklyn to the last stop in Riverdale. Some of the artists focused on social impact, some focused on populism and immigration issues while others took to health and wellness. Highly topical and timely, works by Faust, Shepard Fairey, Molly Crabapple, Hank Willis Thomas, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Martha Cooper, the Guerrilla Girls, Jamel Shabazz and others from and around New York City.

For more information on this body of work, please visit

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Continuing his open practice exploring art intervention for civics awareness and social innovation, independent curator André Smith, in partnership with Big Think, invites pop expressionist artist A$AP Jay West and the surrealist concept artist Justin Gilzene to join forces for Harlem Rhapsody, a Big Think Summer Session presented by Republic.

Emphasizing cross-cultural connections, encouraging personal discoveries and sparking new ways of seeing the world, the centerpiece of the evening will feature a collaboration with Jay and Justin that explores the broader meta-narrative of the contemporary Black male, a theme that their works explore. Following this live painting experience, the pair will be in conversation with moderator, artist and ‘i am OTHER’ ambassador, M. Tony Peralta.

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Continuing his open practice exploring art intervention for civics awareness and social innovation, independent curator André Smith joins Kenneth Clark, architect, designer and founding member of Ludlow House New York, in Design Thinking: Practice & Paradox.

Today, design is more paramount than ever. It is evident in just about everything—from art & copy to product and policy—but most evident in strategy and/for innovation.

In conversation with a group of distinguished thought leaders, they will explore best practices as they explain and expound on how design relates to architecture, community planning, content, brand identity and a myriad of other fine art forms.

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Continuing his open practice exploring art intervention for civics awareness and social innovation, independent curator André Smith assembles a Master Class-styled symposium to address how creative forces stay alive and thrive as this uncanny world continues to excite the marketplace with threats and surprises.

How will we react, activate, unite and sustain through these unpredictable times?

To engage this question and many more thought starters, this master’s class—themed on social action, art intervention, public policy and community activism—will be an exchange of information, ideas and resources between New York’s aspiring, informed and most distinguished creatives, curators, designers, executives, activists, thought leaders and culture aficionados.

In a cultural organizing framework, we will lend our attention to hands-on skill building workshops, case studies, expanding our respective networks and resources.

Gifted hands do work. How will your hands help?

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Continuing his open practice exploring art intervention for civics awareness and social innovation, independent curator André Smith—along with New York’s most informed and distinguished creatives, curators, designers, thought leaders and culture aficionados—invites you to the Velvet Room at Ludlow House for a down to earth chat about high art with Antwaun Sargent; Jon Caramanica of The New York Times; Howie Kahn of WSJ. Mag; designer Susan Linss; Ferris Bueller from Everyone Pays/ No Vacancy Inn and Gregory “Beef” Jones of VICELAND.

Continuing his practice focusing on art intervention for civics awareness and social innovation, independent curator André Smith presents his latest exhibition to The Republic of Brooklyn, running mid-August in Bedford Stuyvesant.

The program here is very simple: Invite, Inspire & Inform.

Signs of Life is an exhibition themed on solidarity, organized action and policy reform. It is also a response to the current state of affairs in the African-American community, with special attention to gun violence, racism, and the movement to affirm #BlackLivesMatter. The healing power of art and the community it fosters serves as the inspiration for this cultural offering.

Featuring (3) three floors of contemporary art and video installations from emerging and recognized artists like Coodie & Chike, Theo Mighty, Cavier Coleman, Manny Reel, Steve Bercovici, Chiao Chen, Sam Kirk, Mike McManus and Andrew Thiele, Signs of Life will also play host to Peanut Butter Vibes, a twelve (12) hour performance art experience featuring sounds from Sterling & SoS, Last Call Steeve, Mari Freaux, Marcello Ritondi, DJ Alamo of Brand Nubian & Co.

We want people to walk away inspired and challenged by questions. Who has power and how do they use it? Can creativity and technology work together to foster community? How do we heal our ailing nation through the transformative power of art? What can we learn from the past in order to create change for the future?

SOLIDARITY – ACTION – POLICY – These are Signs of Life®.

Adding Booking Agent to the list of caps he wears, André Smith has been tapped as interim Booking Manager for the Lower East Side’s Hester Street Fair, Season 7 (May 14 – October 29). Its a beautiful promenade where vendors, musicians, foodies, hipsters, curious creatives and young couples with baby strollers can just be.

Visit for the latest on partnerships, presentations, and schedule of musical talents and artists every Saturday, 11am – 6pm.

Coming into this project originally to curate promotional activations in between festival submission periods, André was invited to come on board as a Producer and enlist his skills to contribute to the soundtrack, digital destinations and immersive experience. Shot over 3 years in Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, this film is the directorial debut of native NY artist, Tony Rivington. The short film will debut June 28th and appear in limited engagements during Summer 2016. For more on this project, including screening dates and special invitations, visit

On Saturday, April 16, 2016 professionals joined for a full-day career conference in partnership with NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development at the NYU School of Professional Studies. The day featured discussions, workshops, networking, and fun — all aimed to set you up for career success, whether you are a new or experienced professional. André Smith added to the conversation as a presenter at “Forget the Labels: Building Interdisciplinary Careers” which can be viewed here:

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Fiverr will bring together some of today’s most innovative artists and entrepreneurs who are working their creative powers and owning it!

We’ll discuss the struggles of parity in different creative industries and share inspirational stories. As part of this event, we’ll hold a silent auction of items, curated by André Smith, from amazing female artists and creatives, with proceeds supporting various causes for women. Join us for a night of meaningful conversation and connections.

Guest Panelists:
Bethany Heinrich, VP Content & Community at Mogul, Film Producer & Founder of Fabulous and Fighting
Quiana Parks, Visual Artist, DJ & Founder of DJ for a Cure®
Whitney Falk, Founder & CEO of ZZ Driggs
Lauren Gerrie, Co-Founder of bigLITTLE Get Together & Personal Chef to Marc Jacobs
Natalie Johnson, Co-Founder of Bottle Bracket & Partner at Paradigm

Featured Silent Auction Artists:
Nina Wright | Amy Amato | Quiana Parks | Ney De Leon |
Becca Sadowsky | Emily Hoxworth | Stacey Rivet

In Partnership With:
Ox Verte | Splacer | Bottle Bracket | Brooklyn Cookie Company

No Window Shopping®. San Francisco invites you to an evening with some of the Bay Area’s culture aficionados for a down to earth chat about high art.

No Window Shopping® is a traveling residency. Serving as a platform for emerging artists, we stage curated group shows, panel discussions, live talks, video installations and sponsored events, in multiple cities—all open to the public—as part of an effort to illuminate and address current events, local affairs, and larger social issues from pockets of culture around the globe.

In San Francisco, we are featuring the work of Michael Covington (1:AM), Fernando Garcia, Nina “Mobb Pink” Wright, Agana Esperanza, Stacey “Sash” Rivet and Arrington West (Upper Playground). Some of the current events, local affairs, and larger social issues these emerging artists have sought to address include: income inequality, The Ellis Act and no fault evictions, the state and affect of SRO’s, “tech” as the enemy, the “gated community” factor and the price of the progress that is moving San Francisco–and the entire Bay Area–forward.

Hosted and moderated by Alfonso Cosio, Corporate Arts Coordinator at SFMoMA and Founder of, the evening’s conversation will be centered around high art and what it’s worth; content and context; the “Lux” factor, art in the digital age; immersive moments and what makes them great; and lastly, curating–what the ever evolving term means today and will mean in time to come.

Ken Harman, SpokeArt
Dasha Matsuura, Oakland Art Murmur
Alexa Hall, Oakland Museum
André Smith, No Window Shopping®
Alfonso Cosio, SFMoMA

Event Goals:
• Exploring all points of the process of curating high art for sale.
• Identify/ share keyhole insights, illuminate issues and propose solutions.
• Connecting Artists, Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders.

No Window Shopping®. San Francisco Presents… CAN’T BUFF THIS! short film installation tucked away in a viewing room on 24th St. and Osage Alley presenting a shotgun retrospective of how connectivity has influenced the culture, heritage and legacy of Bay Area graffiti. Featured found material and original photo essays by Anthony Bora, this video installation was presented as a site specific installation during San Francisco’s Fog Fair 2016 pollinating heritage material and education around the subject matter for 150 guests over the holiday weekend the secret film was available for viewing. Produced by André Smith with an original score composed by K’riem Scott, CAN’T BUFF THIS! featured editing and EFX by Andreas Kishimoto, Eric Cruz and Andreas Tarazi. The screenings played a role in helping secure sales from international travelers visiting the Bay Area and helping No Window Shopping®. take international stakes in high art and conversation.

A lot of people don’t really know the history of Bay Area Graffiti—from Chicano Roman numerals to what came to be known as “Bay Area Funk” to New Wave in the 1990's—and what it means to the fabric of San Francisco. Daly City, Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco’s Mission District and Berkeley have been home to some of the world’s most influential and inspiring graffiti writers, artists, and street art galleries.

The Bay Area at-large is a universe of self-expression unto itself, but perhaps that’s why locals may take this oasis for granted. Recent events like The Ellis Act, “No Fault Evictions,” and the “gated community” factor all point to the price of the progress that is moving San Francisco and the Bay Area forward.

The landscape is changing into a playground for the few and a wasteland for the rest. This has given way to a new scenario where self-expression is less of a priority and more of a dilemma as far as where it can exist, how much it is worth, what it will cost and who is entitled to it. The artists in this iteration of No Window Shopping all spoke to that, in their own way thru their respective mediums, offering a regional portrait of the Bay Area and the issues its citizens face.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2015 was epic, in part because André curated the entertainment for William & Park and AirBnB’s event with an intimate performance from the rapper SHIRT and a sensational DJ set by Quiana Parks.

Featuring a variety of works on wood and canvas from BEAU, Sam Kirk, and URNY, Phase ii of No Window Shopping®. Brooklyn sets out to highlight current events and local affairs including affordable housing, quality of life, normalizing relations with Cuba and the purpose that respectively defines–and ultimately connects–those relationships.

For press inquires and viewing by appointment, please contact Caitlin Sheehan at

Focusing on art for awareness and social good, independent curator André Smith presents his debut exhibition, No Window Shopping®. Encompassing his favorite mediums–chromogenic print photography and 3mm sintra processing as well as and works on canvas, wood and found material– No Window Shopping®. appears in two phases.

Originally slated to run over three months–now extended to five months, Phase i of No Window Shopping®. Brooklyn highlighted current events and local affairs including affordable housing, quality of life, and unemployment amongst the city’s young, creative class with works by Wilfredo Suárez, better known as Mosaic New York, Bryan Dumas and Thomas Shim. Stay posted on details as they develop for No Window Shopping®. Phase ii.